Thursday, March 08, 2007

I am so in love

with life. I mean, how can I not be?

I'm having a baby girl! And she's already so precious.

It's springtime. The tree outside our office window is budding these pretty red blooms.

My husband will empty the dishwasher for me (which I HATE doing).

The church is around me and so dear.

I can still go out late to a (smoke-free! yipee!) bar and drink cranberry juice, and then go out for pizza later.

Berries are in season.

Amy got Jubilee the cutest and sweetest dress.

No allergy problems yet.

My birthday is coming up! Can we say "mother-to-be" massages and pampering?

Work is picking up. And I get to work from home.

It's Lent, and this just gives me an "excuse" to be reminded of the Lord in special ways each day.

It's getting harder to bend over and tie my shoes, and I think this is hilarious. Good thing I can wear flip-flops soon.

Thanks Lord for good things!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One word comes to mind....


We miss You!!!!

12:59 PM  

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