Wednesday, February 07, 2007

slavery in the movies

I'm glad somebody's getting busted for this.

As I am reminded that the children in those videos were probably part of the slave trade that is still alive and well today (albeit in a different form now than in the past), I could easily be overwhelmed and disheartened. But just as quickly, I realize that I know plenty of people who are working so hard to bring this evil to light. Awareness is the first step. And what better way to get the American people's attention than movies? There are two movies coming out relatively soon that I'd like to see.

Almost 200 years ago, William Wilberforce succeeded in leading a parlimentary campaign against the transatlantic slave trade. The movie about his life, Amazing Grace, obviously takes place in the past, but I think it will serve as a good prompt for opening up discussion about our current problem with slavery. Yes, this movie is brought to us by Walden Media, the same guys who did Narnia and more recently, The Bridge to Terabithia. So, I have a feeling that Amazing Grace will be very friendly and tame. Nothing wrong with that; it's just that if you like a little edge in your movies, I doubt there will be much edge found here. I'm sure it's definitely worth seeing and then doing some research on it for historical accuracy and all that. What's the quote..."those who don't know the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them..."?

Trade, will probably be a bit grittier than AG, but no less worth seeing. It deals with slavery in our day and age. I'm just hoping that it's not so sensational that it doesn't get taken seriously.

I'd like to write more, but I'm afraid I have to wrap up this post and get to work...


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I would imagine "Amazing Grace" will be an excellent film. The site lists Terrence Malick as one of the producers. I think Malick is the greatest living film director. He directed The New World.

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