Monday, January 31, 2005


Nothing like getting the giggles with your little sister before you go to bed. I really don't think you can be as un-selfconscious around anyone as you can your family. Well, in some families. Hehehaha--"Finding Nemo" on ice, can it get any funnier than that...? The word giggles in and of itself is a silly word. Hm. Anyway.

So Iraq had their elections....go democracy, right? Oh wait, except that in recent polls most of the people want Americans to just get the heck out. And that Harvard president, Summers or something...what was he thinking saying that women may not have the aptitude to learn math and science as well as men? I mean, lord knows I'll never be an engineer, but goodness. He must've been trying to stir up ol' NOW's waters.

Okay enough seriousness, I can't get the image of tranquilized monkeys, and life-sized Nemo's with legs and ice skates out of my mind.


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