Monday, December 13, 2004

Just Scream

Ever have one of those bad days that is only bad because you let little irritations get the best of you? I tried not to today, I really did, but sometimes you just have to scream. And then you know you have problems when that doesn't even help, when screaming your lungs out is just the tip of a large Freudian iceberg. What do you do when everything stored inside you can't be released through a scream, or exercise, or journaling (all the healthy ways to alleviate stress)? What do you do?

You look at Xmas lights. You think of Phil stopping to look at Xmas lights too and smile because you appreciate the he appreciates things like that. You suppress. You make do. You quit being so angry at God because that tends to lead to further disillusionment. You make fun of the D.J.'s on star 94 because they just aren't very cool. You go home, and write about your bad day on your blog, then erase 3/4 of it because it sounds so meaningless and trivial. You realize that it was just another day, and hope that tomorrow will be a better one.

My love goes out to Fuzzy Mike (Mike Moore, a guy I work with, there really are a ridiculous amount of Mike's in my life) for keeping me laughing, and Jenn for watching out for me.

I'm going to go and salvage the rest of my day!


Blogger Ryan Shuping said...

Just shouting out to you, this is Ryan from Central Baptist!

7:20 AM  

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