Saturday, December 11, 2004

Age Will Smell

Happy Graduation day for Berry December grads!!!! Specifically Sherri Thomas and Emily Flick! I love you!

I am currently swooning to Damien Rice...Move over Mike, I think I'm in love.

My grandad is old, appropriately enough. 78 years on this earth to be exact (not counting the time in the womb I suppose). He lives with my family, and lately, he's been having problems that occur when you reach that age. I'll have to admit that I would never be cut out to work in a nursing home. To my shame, I have never, ever enjoyed volunteering at nursing's too depressing for me (and here in the South, I always worry that remnants of racism are still floating around), so I selfishly avoid it whenever I can. But now, I can't avoid it, and I don't even particularly want to avoid it because this is someone I care more deeply about than I would a stranger. I think this is one of the hardest things to watch, someone growing old...One of the hardest things to smell too. My nose is so sensitive, please, if you're thinking about getting me a Christmas gift, make it a gift certificate to Bath& Body Works.

Ever feel like a whale?


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