Friday, January 28, 2005

skipping work, etc...

So, I'm thinking...maybe I should skip out on work tonight. Sorry my fellow baristas--I can't keep closing on friday AND saturday nights. It sucks. Besides, it's really cold outside, and I don't want to leave the house.

I've been really happy and feeling all content and warm and cozy with life. Unfortunately, this morning I woke up feeling like somebody I know and love is dying, or will die soon. What kind of crazy crap is that I ask?! Maybe I'm just psychotic. Or maybe it's (enter scary music) SATAN. Trying to rob me of happy life feelings or whatever.

Finally finished "Searching..." I can't believe I made it through a "Christian" book. I read very few of those, but I happen to find Miller's books engaging, honest, and refreshing. I would recommend "Blue Like Jazz" and "Searching..." to anybody who wants an easy, conversational read about Christian spirituality.

Okay, I've been so lazy all day. I've got to get some work done on the Williams Chiropractic, design, times picking fonts and stuff...geez, I'm a nerd.


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