Thursday, December 23, 2004

celebrating our wallets

I believe this might be the first holiday season that I really am beginning to understand why people hate this time of year. Working retail right now is insane. I'm almost sick to my stomach when I go to the mall and watch people caught in the trap of consumerism. I'm sick that I'm caught in it myself. Sigh and sigh again. It's strange considering that Jesus wasn't born this time of year anyway, and yet we claim we are celebrating his life on earth, when all we are celebrating is our wallets.

I guess that isn't not entirely true. We do celebrate our families and friends as well. Speaking of friends...I have truly amazing people in my life. My friends are awesome. Erin, my little kiwi, sent me the perfect gift all the way from New Zealand this year. It was totally unexpected, and unexpected gifts are the best kind! My extended family is awesome. Mike (boyfriend) has this very large Italian family who cook wonderfully delectable things all the time, but especially so for Christmas. They know how to make food ecstasy. And I hope to be eating Christmas lunch with them. Mmmmm.....Learning how to balance Christmas craziness with friends and food. Sounds good to me.

CNN would be great to work for, would they not? I'm applying for a position there. I don't feel very news savvy though and that worries me. I'm also going ot be applying at the AJC, which again gives me cause for worry. But, what else can I do? I write. I do basic desktop publishing and design. I edit. I was a journalism minor for goodness sake. But, I don't even know if I really like journalism. I think I just need to seriously try it out and see before I pre-judge. Since my dream of living off of my creative writing isn't reality yet, I've got to do something else....and something else other than Starbucks, SOON. I may put in my notice and just go to a temp agency while I'm waiting to hear back from CNN. Poor management, cranky customer addicts, and long, long hours without breaks make for a bad Starbucks working environment.

I should've ended on the happy, yummy food and friends (not yummy friends, just good friends) note, because now I'm thinking about work again. Okay, happy thoughts--Sarah McLachlan's song The Rainbow Connection. Sounds cheesy maybe, but these things make me smile. Happy times and good night.


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