Thursday, June 01, 2006

feasting gnats

So, despite the gnats mulitplying faster than jackrabbits in my house (which I don't understand, what could they possibly be feasting on?!!!), I am feeling content. I love the life God has given me to live, I love my husband, and I love good food.

Sometimes, I complain and take it for granted, but the Lord really has shown us such unbelievable kindness these past few months, and though my hubby and I may argue and eat each other's leftovers and bicker about whether the fan in our bedroom stays on at night or not (I am always soundly for it), we are so happy to be together. So that leaves my appreciation of a good meal. This may be my ultimate downfall in fighting the battle of the bulge, but there's almost nothing better than sauteed veggies, chicken, cheese, and something chocolate for dessert. And don't forget that glass of wine. Yum.

On a shallow-er note, but in keeping with my appreciation of good things in life...My friend Anne and I got to be extras in the movie, We Are Marshall, which is currently filming in Atlanta. It stars none other than the adorable and charming, Matthew McConaughey, who I think I underappreciated until now. I got lucky, and he was so close beside me, I could've touched him, but didn't. (! Even stars deserve private space, right?) I think the man is even better looking in person than he is on the screen. Oh what good times we had yesterday.

Yes, good times.

Oh yeah, and since I just finished reading The Da Vinci Code (I caved and read it) and Irresistible Revolution, I was looking for new books and several got dropped in my lap, and I also found new stuff to appreciate in my own library (which is nothing to sniff at if you haven't seen it).

So, yes, good times.


Blogger AJenny said...

I am ALSO a fan-all-night person! Jasell, you shoulda married me. :)

5:01 PM  

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