Wednesday, May 24, 2006

eat some fruit

Went on a hike this morning with a sister, and it was so wonderful. The woods have always been a place of mystery and adventure for me and today was no different as we chose "the trail less travelled" and began our walk. In the woods you find life in all of its wild, green, abundance, and I love to just take it all in.

It was especially encouraging for me just to hear this sister's stories and listen to the life she's lived. We are all so different and unique, and yet underneath all of our stories, is one story, his story, that he's written across our hearts.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately--I don't know that the Lord always does what we think of as "right," but he is life. I can recognize with my mind that I am free in Christ and no longer bound by the law, and my heart would like to do likewise, but sometimes...the law is just easier than life.

And yet, the Lord's life is an intoxicating fruit. It may not look appealing, but the taste is unparalleled.


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