Friday, May 26, 2006

domestic duties

Just got back from doing the domestic duty of grocery shopping...This morning, while I laid in my bed, read and wrote, my husband fielded early morning calls from random people asking random things, dealt with the pest control guy (we have termites! thank God we don't own this place), and the a/c guy (our air conditioning decided to quit working right when it starts to get H-O-T). So after all that, I decided, the least I could do was go stock up on some grub.

And I realized while I was shopping that we don't eat about half, maybe even more, of the stuff sold in the grocery store. Both of us are trying to lose weight, so sweets were out, but even beyond that, all of the processed, packaged, chemical-laden stuff just held no appeal. It's like I don't even consider it food anymore.

It's occured to me that life by the flesh is like that--I can't even consider it life anymore. Little by little my spirit is set freer and freer (that word looks so funny!). Freer. Ha.


Blogger Jeremy Uriz said...

Yeah, I don't know.
Little Debbies are tasty. So are M & M's. Most chocolate actually. And as bad as it is McD's burgers are delicious. I rarely eat any of that stuff but I can't deny it's appeal.

Am I sounding like devils advocate here? Sorry.

8:47 PM  

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