Friday, August 12, 2005

playing catch up

Wow, it's been awhile. Guess it's time to play a little catch up. A lot's been going on the last four months. I got engaged (!), a senior editor at Waterbrook (a division of Random House/Doubleday) is interested in my novel, and I've recently quit my job at Starbucks. That's the short version. Things are going good. Real good. And you know, it scares me. Kind of like the "emperor's new clothes" scary. I think everything is wonderful, and I am wearing this gorgeous gown of love, fulfillment, and confidence, but then one morning I'll look down and discover I've really been naked the whole time, and people have been snickering at that unmentionable birthmark...

But fear can go to hell.

Anyway, the Lord has been using this time to draw me closer to him I think. He's wooing me out of complacency and into passion and vibrancy and LIFE.

I've gotten a chance to read some very interesting things lately. Seen some good movies too. I know several critics tore it apart, but I loved The Island. So Michael Bay directed Armageddon...we'll forgive him for that. I thought The Island was beautiful. Check it out. And please, if you haven't seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yet, go see it! If you don't come out of there respecting Johnny Depp for his versatility, you're just plain crazy.

I've finally gotten around to reading girl meets GOD, by Lauren Winner, the Jewish woman turned Christian. I'm right smack dab in the middle of it, and so far, it's been an engaging read. She's made me want to become obsessed with something, or Someone rather. I love my Lord, but I'm not starving for him in the way I want to be. It's like fear retarded my sense of hunger...but I'm seeing this table, and it's full of good food, and I'm drooling just a little...


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