Thursday, February 24, 2005

Now I'm somebody's Jewish friend

Now that I've already spent too much time online, I figured, why not blog?

Now that Daniel and Zach Justice think that I'm Jewish, and are glad I didn't live in 1940s Germany, I think I can rest easy. I guess I'll be their Jewish friend until they figure out otherwise... I mean, I'm used to being people's black friend, but this is a new experience for even me, the seasoned "token black girl" of the bunch.

Life just isn't what I thought it would be after college. All these unexpected things...working at Starbucks for (ew, gad) almost a year now, living at's just a rather sedentary existence, but somehow, it feels worth it. I think I needed this year for clearing my head and learning to recognize the things that I want in life and the things that I don't. So, I'm excited about the upcoming year to see what it brings...

I need to get my film developed from John's wedding so I can post some pics...and Mike and I need to get around to sending them a wedding gift. I'm sure they're too busy doing other things to miss a few presents though...hehe. (yes I am immature enought to still giggle about that)

And now that my internet time has certainly exceeded its limits for a day, I bid you adieu.


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