Monday, April 25, 2005

that beast nostalgia

Feeling nostalgic tonight. Missing my friends, and knowing that the missing will just get worse, because we are all scattering. Now I'm not only nostalgic, I am sad. This feeling just crept up on me. The "good old days" are gone, and now I am dealing with the ever-confusing present that can feel like walking on quicksand. I don't want to look back on memories and let them make me dissatisfied with the present. Nostalgia can be a beast.

I wonder if I will ever look back on this specific time in my life with nostalgia. Will I miss living at home, working a part-time job, and hanging out with my sister whenever I want? Yes, probably. I'll miss seeing Jenn and Michael (my Starbucks pals) all the time. They, especially Jenn, have been so loving and such a support right now. I know how much I care about people, but then when you realize that other people really care and love you too, it's almost overwhelming.

My goodness. I'm such a fuzzball. A nostalgic-beasty-fuzzball.


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