Tuesday, September 19, 2006

some life notes

It's a new day, and I'm happily munching on some pumpkin bread (my favorite!!!) Jenny baked for me and sipping some Earl Grey. The work day has gotten off to a slow start, but I think that's okay. The apartment is quiet, and I could just bathe in the stillness, the way a girl stretches herself out under the sun's warm rays.

This weekend was great. The church's beginnings here were simply and wonderfully centered on knowing Christ. Love, freedom, and grace--is there any better way to live than inside these things? Is there any better way to live than inside Him? I think not.

I've felt the creative embers stirring again, which has been and will be terrific. All the upheaval and change, missing family and friends, enjoying new family and the Lord, re-visiting some old heartaches, discoveries and conversations...all this has added to the warm, aromatic stew that's brewing within me. I've gotten the chance to read a lot too (who knows how that's managed to occur), and I'm slowly remembering how words have the power to change and give life.


Blogger GAZ said...

Yes, I am part of a house church community. In fact, we started out with the idea in early 2005 of being an emergent church with the goal of a once-a-week service and small groups to being a pure cell church with cell groups and a once-a-week celebration service to a house/simple church sharing life together. Now it seems that my role has changed to transistion The Journey to a network of house/simple churches.

It has definitely been a cool ride so far as we discover more of what God wants from us. Our website is www.epicjourney.net (still haven't completed all the pages but most of it is there) and my email is gzander at epicjournet dot net.

I think that I connected to your blog through Mike's website Sites Unseen.

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