Monday, August 14, 2006

tales from so-cal

Quick, quick overview of life on my planet...

Mike and I are in Califorina, meeting and connecting with awesome people. We just finished a conference called Soliton which was hosted by a church called The Bridge out in Ventura. The conference explored the concept of human hospitality and what that could look like in different contexts amongst the church and around the world. Shane Claiborne was there, and even though I've already read Irresistible Revolution, it was great to get to hear him personally tell the stories again. If you haven't read it, go pick it up, especially if you are interested in social justice issues. I was inspired and excited to see what the Lord can do in my new neighborhood in Raleigh. We can be agents of change to those around us, and it is as simple and as hard as reaching out in Love.

On a similar note, Si Johnston was also at the conference (who I must say is quite a charming guy from Northern Ireland, who isn't a sucker for an accent? If only I could say "cheers" as a goodbye with such authenticity), and he led a presentation about human trafficking and the current slave trade. It's still quite alive and well today. As I learn more and get involved, I'm sure I'll be discussing this much more. Si's started a group called Protest 4 if you want to check it out. Actually, I urge you to check it out. C'mon. Do it!

So, that's it in a nutshell...although we also got to meet with Regal Books while we were out here and will soon be heading out to Saddleback to do some research for a client we're ghost-writing a book for. And we also spent some time with a lovely sister who's also out here in Ventura.

We're busy little bees. It's been great, but I can't wait for September...we'll be getting settled in our new home and hopefully not travelling at all!


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