Thursday, September 08, 2005

What's the most random place you've been hit on? I can now say at a red light.

We were both stopped at this light, and our windows were down.
"Bonsoir," came a French accent. (I know this sounds completely cheesy, but it happened).
I glance over out of curiosity, and he asks me if I knew what it meant.
"Good evening," I smile, glad that my years of French don't leave me looking like a complete idiot.
His eyes light up. "I'm Hans...What's your name?"
I just smile coyly.
"Are you picking up your kids from school?"
The light is turning green and we both start to drive...I'm turning left, he's going straight.
"Trust me, I'm a nice guy! We could get together...!" he's calling as I drive off.
I just laugh and wonder how in the world a guy would think that he could pick up a girl literally off the street like that. And I'd be inclined to think that his accent was fake if he didn't appear foreign...

I'm sorry that this is a completely insipid post, but it was just a funny thing that happened one day. At least I got a rise out of Mike. :)


Blogger amberdusk said...

I can't say what was the most random for me because I can think of a few strange places but not crazy strange. What do you mean at the red light.

11:10 PM  
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