Saturday, November 11, 2006

what makes home, home?

I am homesick. It's funny because several years ago, I would've thought it was silly to want to live and settle in an area one was familiar with and that was close to family. But now that I've moved away, I find myself longing for this place called home. What is home exactly anyway? I mean, I live in community with people I love dearly, people I consider my brothers and sisters, people I consider family. I am at home with them, and yet, I keep wanting to be near the things that I'd grown accustomed to in Atlanta--family being just a short drive away, knowing my way around really well, friends who've known me since middle school, sisters with children, and a host of other things that make a geographical location near and dear to one's heart. Sometimes I think I'm being overly emotional about this, but on days like today I don't mind letting it out.

I thought growing up military had prepared me for this. I'm good at adapting. I'm good at letting go of any ties I might have (or, unfortunately, just not making them at all). Well, I guess you just never know how you're actually going to feel when the time comes.

At least we're going back for Thanksgiving. I can't wait. I've actually been dreaming about the food and being able to eat as much as I want--nausea free. I woke up in the middle of the night and said to Mike, "mango chutney," because I'd been dreaming about eating it. Oh turkey and stuffing...I'm drooling, really.

So, that's a funny note to end on, but I'm done here. Nap time.


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