Tuesday, November 21, 2006

good things, thanksgiving things

I am thankful for...

cranberry sauce, eggnog, and stuffing (albeit not at the same time),

a home to go home to,

my chiropractor,

little, tiny, baby socks (oh-so-cute!),

turkey drumsticks (I am not ashamed to say that this is my favorite part of the turkey),

inspiring friends,

a new engine in my car,

making/shopping for gifts,

peppermint tea,

fun movies during the holidays,

and seeing people I love, love, love.


Blogger Jamie Poissant said...

This just in: Look for my story "June" out next year in Harcourt's anthology Best New American Voices 2008!

12:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jasmine,
my name is Marco,I am thankful for people who are thankful like yourself, for the everyday things, its easy to get distracted from appreciating the life we have, here and now, and the little every day things that go with it,whatever season we might be partaking of,
grace to you,

10:53 AM  

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