Thursday, April 27, 2006

missing him

My heart is crying out for something...the frustrating thing is, I just can't identify what that something might be.

I know I need the Lord. But telling myself, "I need the Lord," doesn't help me get past this feeling that I'm missing him somehow.

Maybe I just miss my brothers and sisters, maybe I need to get my pen out and start writing creatively more often, maybe I should pick up that new Ezra Pound I just bought and read some of that...

It's a disconcerting feeling, not really knowing what to do with oneself. I feel like I'm floating, skimming the surface of something I'd rather be exploring the depths of. The ocean is beautiful from the surface, but just think about what can be discovered that lay hidden beneath.

I am thirsty, and this is not a bad place to be.

I am glad the Lord is using whatever circumstances he desires to draw me closer to him. Life is good, and yet he is giving me the desire for more...more...more..of him.


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